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Root canals are common procedures performed in dental offices, and this treatment helps save your teeth as opposed to losing them or needing implants.


There is a pulp in the center of your tooth, and this is all of your blood vessels that make-up the tooth. When infection of the pulp occurs, your tooth begins to decay or chip.


Symptoms of an infection include sensitivity of temperatures on the tooth, visible injury, pain in the tooth or gums, and swelling.


If you are experiencing this type of pain, your dentist will recommend elimination of the pulp. Once the pulp is removed, the root canal system is cleaned and sealed. This treatment typically requires local anesthesia and may take one or two visits. If the treatment is impossible, you will be notified during the procedure.




After your treatment, you will need to see a restorative dentist to protect the tooth. Problems do not typically occur after this procedure; however, if they do, contact us immediately. The cost will depend on how severe the damage is and which tooth is infected. The cost is typically less than removal and replacement.

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